Here at Chen Tai Chi Thailand we study the oldest form in all Tai Chi - the Laojia 74. We follow the teachings from the longest lineage in Tai Chi as 20th Generation Chen Tai Chi Master LiuYong is my teacher and the president of the school. There are three levels of teaching at the school for which we grant certificates. The short but comfortable 9 form, the 39 form and the full 74. During this progress we add layer upon layer of information about the warm ups, silk reeling, standing pole and the movements in the form to build a strong foundation in Tai Chi - and every year we have Master Liu visit to check our progress! Join us to build your health to become happy and strong.

    For visitors to the Land Of Smiles I also offer short intensive courses tailor made to the student, which can include the Level 1 certificate or more advanced training. Please contact for further details.

    Peter Jenkinson is a member of the Master Liu Yong Chen Style Tai Chi International Association.




A new foundation course in Chen Style Tai Chi starts on Saturday 29th March at 3pm. This course will now rotate every two months and the student will advance to the 8am class once they have a foundation in the art.

Lessons are two hours and we will be covering the warm up exercises, standing pole, silk reeling, kong jin qigong and the short but comfortable Laojia 9 form. This process will both relax and strengthen you to help you achieve health and happiness

For visitors to Bangkok I offer daily, weekly or monthly rates for private or intensive training. Please contact for details.

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Certificate Holders 74 form 2013

Certificate Holders 9 form 2013